Bespoke Post Brew Box

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The craft beer world keeps booming and brewing, and as with most things worthy of consideration for the modern and well-rounded man, Bespoke Post has the gear you need to get involved in your own way … right from the comfort of your home. The incredibly affordable Bespoke Post Brew Box is the latest stellar addition to the retailer’s monthly lineup of men’s gear across a bevy of categories, now including craft beer.

Join Bespoke Post for just $45, then pick up this well-appointed box and get ready to make your new favorite IPA. The compact-yet-quality Bespoke Post Brew Box features everything you need to home brew, no matter how confined your space is. To wit: You’re getting the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit and Beer Making Mix, plus a handy bottling kit. With some persistence, some patience and some attention to detail, you’ll be brewing up your new favorite beer from the comfort of your home. Get to work, brew and bottle it up, enjoy the results … your weekend plans are all set.

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