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On those days when everything in the universe irks the heck out of you, you may want to check on how much sleep you got the night before. Beyond just putting you in a bad mood, lack of sleep can lead to everything from impaired memory to a shortened lifespan. But you know all that. You also know that the only thing worse than not having enough time for sleep is when you have the time but just lie there buzzing like a 24-hour open sign. 

The good people at Bespoke Post put together this box to make sure when it’s time for shut eye, your eyes actually shut. It starts with a weighted sleep mask that not only blocks out all ambient light but also activates facial pressure points tied to relaxation. Then there’s the magnesium spray and skin patch, both of which deliver extracts and minerals that promote relaxation and sleep. 

Rounding it out is the red light bulb. Not specifically intended to make your bedroom look like a bordello (that’s just a fun side-effect) the bulb shines zero blue light, which as you know from all the (valid) hype around blue light glasses, is the type of light that really messes with our sleep. The warm red glow is also said to mimic the fire light our ancestors gathered around at night, signaling to the more primal parts of our brain that sleep is on its way. Sweet, mood lifting, life affirming sleep. 

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Black Friday Sales