Best Made Co. 165 GSM Merino Tee

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Whenever we want to be blown away by a seemingly standard product, we turn to Best Made Co. That’s because this considered, thoughtfully designed brand does so much more than just churn out basics. Every item, from the brand’s chinos to its overshirts to its beautiful, heritage-quality axes and home accessories, is made to exacting standards that should impress even the most staunch menswear purist — take the 165 GSM Merino Tee.

It’s so much more than just a T-shirt, and that’s just how Best Made Co. would like it. Merino wool could just be the most versatile fabric on the planet, made to both provide warmth and wick sweat, easy to layer under a denim jacket or wear on its own — and the 165 GSM Merino Tee fits the bill perfectly.

It wicks away moisture and odor while providing neutral, subtly stylish versatility in the form of neutral, crisp color options. You’re certainly investing in this stylish T-shirt, but it’s an investment that’ll pay dividends far down the line, every single time you wear it. – Shop Now

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