The 15 Best Men’s Slip-On Shoes For 2023

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Pictured Above: SeaVees Huntington Middie

The term “slip-on shoes” might draw up negative connotations among even the most novice of the style-obsessed. Rest assured, the new breed of men’s slip-ons are stylish, well-designed and supremely comfortable — a far cry from the clunky versions worn in your youth (or seen on the feet of so many weary travelers).

No sir, men’s slip-on shoes come from all manner of brands and designers, in all sorts of silhouettes and materials — some more suited for the beach, some more suited for wearing with, well, a khaki suit at a casual summer happy hour. It’s tough to narrow down any category to just 15, but we think we’ve done a more than suitable job narrowing down our list of the best slip-on shoes for men. See for yourself below.

SeaVees Huntington Middie

SeaVees Huntington Middie Slip Ons

Lest you think our list of slip-on shoes applies only to low-top sneakers, well, the SeaVees Huntington Middie is here to change your mind. Absolutely as laidback and easygoing as counterparts that are cut with a low profile, the Huntington Middie comes in a versatile range of colors and features soft suede. We’d pair this particular iteration with light grey chinos, a navy short-sleeve shirt and your best aviator sunglasses for a summer bar crawl and well beyond.

  • Price: $100
  • Materials: Suede leather upper, cotton canvas lining, natural rubber outsole
  • Notable Feature: Inspired by the 1964 Huntington Beach Surf Club
Cariuma IBI Slip-On Shoes

Cariuma IBI Slip-On Shoes

For the eco-friendly consumer, the Cariuma IBI Slip-On Shoes are the choice for you. Everything about these shoes is “green”: bamboo knit uppers, green EVA outsoles crafted from sugarcane, memory foam insoles made using vegan-friendly cork, and logos and labels made entirely from recycled plastics.

The shoes are light enough you’ll barely feel them on your feet all day long, but offer great support and cushioning to keep you comfortable around town or in your house. If they ever get dirty, just throw them in the washing machine and they’ll come out looking as good as new. You’ll love how breathable they are, too, ideal for hot-weather use. Best of all, they’re slim enough that you can pack them and take them on your next tropical holiday.  

  • Price: $110
  • Materials: Bamboo knit, sugarcane, cork, and recycled plastic
  • Notable Feature: Machine washable, makes them easy to clean
Thousand Fell Future Streets Slip-Ons

Thousand Fell Future Streets Slip-Ons

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable and versatile pair of slip-on sneakers than the Thousand Fell Future Streets Slip-Ons. Designed for everyday use, they’ve got padding enough to support your feet while strolling around town and a sturdy stain-proof coating to keep the upper clean wherever you go.

The shoes are eco-friendly, too, made using coconut, palm, sugarcane, and even aloe vera (for the mesh liner). The upper is made using recycled materials, and whenever they’re done, you can send them back to the manufacturer to be recycled and reused. Breathable, odor-resistant, and resilient, they’ll be your new everyday favorites.

  • Price: $125 (+ $20 recycling deposit)
  • Materials: Recycled plastic, rubber, sugarcane, coconut, palm, and aloe vera
  • Notable Feature: Quartz coating makes them both water-resistant and stain-proof
Astorflex Patnoflex Loafer

Astorflex Patnoflex Loafer

For guys who love their leather shoes, the Astorflex Patnoflex Loafer will be the perfect at-home slip-on shoes for you. The uppers are crafted from premium leather, lined with undyed leather, and even feature a leather footbed—all leather, all the time. You’ll find they pair beautifully with jeans, beachwear, chinos, slacks, and pretty much anything you want to wear them with.

The rubber heel offers great traction on wet pool decks or boardwalks, and you’ll love the support provided by the ergonomic footbed. They’re also crafted using “environmentally conscious construction”. Though the fit will be a bit snug at first, once they break in, they’ll quickly transform into some of the most comfortable shoes in your closet.  

  • Price: $198
  • Materials: European-sourced premium leather, undyed leather, and rubber
  • Notable Feature: Stylish and incredibly versatile; pair them with any outfit
Greats Wooster Leather Slip-On

Greats Wooster Leather Slip-On

The days of leather sneakers are here, and the Greats Wooster Leather Slip-On is a truly sterling example of just how stylish the right pair of shoes can be. Available in seven different colorways (including an eye-catching navy, sparkling white, and glossy black), these shoes are built to be seen out on the streets, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Full grain leather uppers (sourced from local tanneries) combine with vulcanized rubber outsoles to make a shoe as gorgeous as it is practical. You’ll particularly love the cushioned footbed, which offers great support for your feet while also combatting bacteria and odors. All this, for a very affordable price tag.

  • Price: $159
  • Materials: Locally sourced full-grain leather and natural rubber
  • Notable Feature: Wide range of colorways lets you choose the color and style that suits you best
Vince Fletcher Suede Slip-On Sneakers

Vince Fletcher Suede Slip-On Sneakers

Go for the minimalist look but maximum style points with the Vince Fletcher Suede Slip-On Sneakers. The slip-on design and slim look makes them understated enough they won’t draw undue attention, but anyone who takes a closer look at the perforated suede leather upper will quickly see they’re highly fashionable and modern.

The rubber sole is grippy enough to give you solid footing wherever you go but thin enough it won’t interfere with your lounging in comfort at home. Classy, user-friendly, and comfortable: they’re everything you want in a pair of slip-on shoes. 

  • Price: $200
  • Materials: Suede leather, rubber
  • Notable Feature: Sleek, minimalist design
Frye Ludlow Slip On

Frye Ludlow Slip On Shoes

What if we told you that one of the best men’s boot brands is making stylish slip-on sneakers that compete with the best of them? Sounds too good to be true, right? Not so when it comes to the Frye Ludlow Slip-On, a pair of the best men’s slip-ons that blend all the quality and construction you’d expect from a brand like Frye. The antiqued leather upper is sharp and akin to that of white derby dress shoes, while the rubber outsole should provide all-day comfort. Should you wear these with a khaki cotton suit and a chambray shirt? Yes. That’s it.

  • Price: $55
  • Materials: Canvas upper, suede trim, rubber sole
  • Notable Feature: Breathable canvas lining
Toms Heritage Canvas Mens Baja Slip-On Shoes

Toms Heritage Canvas Mens Baja Slip-On Shoes

Toms at first pioneered a different type of slip-on — the brand’s signature espadrilles — to a wider audience, so it makes sense that they’ve turned their attention toward a newer style of slip-on that promises just as much style and comfort. That would be the Heritage Canvas Baja Slip-ons, a breezy and easygoing set of men’s slip-ons engineered for all-day versatility. It comes down to the tough canvas upper, plus the comfortable OrthoLite insole.

  • Price: $55
  • Materials: Canvas upper, vulcanized rubber outsole
  • Notable Feature: Fully vegan construction
SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On Perforated Suede

SeaVees Hawthorne Slip On Perforated Suede

For a beautifully beachy pair of shoes, give SeaVees Hawthorne slip-ons a try. Fashioned after a classic “beach town” flair, these shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear all day long, with a soft-washed cotton canvas lining that will make your feet feel like they’re on a cloud. The perforated suede upper looks elegant and offers surprising durability from such a simple, low-key shoe.

With its high-bounce “power grip” outsole, you get solid traction whether you’re strolling down the boardwalk, walking on the beach, or lounging poolside.

  • Price: $98
  • Materials: Suede upper, canvas lining, rubber outsole
  • Notable Feature: Perforated cooling system for maximum ventilation
Columbia Men’s PFG Slack Tide Slip Shoe

Columbia Men’s PFG Slack Tide Slip Shoe

Columbia delivers sleek, lightweight comfort in the PFG Slack Tide Slip Shoe. They’re a beautifully understated and subtle shoe, with a slim design and low-top silhouette that pairs nicely with nearly any outfit. But don’t think they’re just for show—thanks to their shock-absorbing midsole, they offer excellent foot support no matter how long or far you walk.

At just ten ounces, they’re an incredibly light pair of shoes that’s perfect for wearing on your fishing boat, yacht, or cruise, and the Omni-Grip sole will keep you steady no matter how slippery the deck.

  • Price: $62
  • Materials: Canvas upper, Techlite EVA midsole, rubber outsole
  • Notable Feature: Odor reducing antimicrobial footbed
OluKai Lae’ahi Men’s Sneakers

OluKai Lae’ahi Men’s Slip On Sneakers

Get a feel for island comfort in the OluKai Lae’ahi Men’s Sneakers, the slip-on shoe designed with barefoot comfort in mind. The sole has a very low profile, intended to maximize the natural movement and arch of your foot while you walk, run, and play. You’ll barely even feel the shoes on your feet, they’re just so lightweight and wear so well. The insole is both removable and washable, so your shoes will always smell and feel breezy—the perfect island vacation shoe.

  • Price: $100
  • Materials: Mesh forefoot, microfiber suede heel, EVA and rubber sole
  • Notable Feature: Drop-in heel
Vans Slip-On

Vans Slip-On

Enjoy classic comfort with the Vans Slip-On, one of the oldest, most iconic slip-on shoes on the planet. The canvas uppers are incredibly sturdy, with a low profile that makes them the perfect pairing for nearly any outfit—from daytime casual to business formal (yes, Vans + business suit = very much a style).The elastic side accents give the shoe just amount of flex to make them easy to slip on, and you’ll love how comfortable they feel on your feet thanks to their lightweight and solid design.

  • Price: $65+
  • Materials: Canvas uppers, rubber waffle outsoles
  • Notable Feature: Wide range of styles and colors
Sperry Striper II Slip-On Sneaker

Sperry Striper II Slip-On Sneaker

If you’re the type of person who’s always hot, you’ll love the Sperry Striper II Slip-On Sneaker. This shoe was built exactly for you, thanks to its breathable leather-and-textile upper, which will allow your feet to stay cool even in the heat of summer. The insole is also removable and washable, so you can keep your shoes in pristine condition even with daily use. Worried about slipping poolside or on the deck of your boat? Not with the hyper-grippy Wave-Siping pattern integrated into the sole.

  • Price: $70
  • Materials: Twill uppers, flexible rubber outsole
  • Notable Feature: Non-slip soles
Allbirds Tree Loungers

Allbirds Tree Loungers

Like just about every other item that’s been overtaken by fast fashion, slip-on shoes aren’t often the most eco-friendly footwear—or the most well-made, for that matter. And while every pair of shoes on this list goes above and beyond the buy-it-to-throw-it-away attitude of fast fashion, Allbirds takes it a step further.

Their Tree Loungers are made from a responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber that’s totally renewable, and manufactured under ethical conditions in Vietnam. Add all that to their comfy, flexible, and odor-resistant design, and you have one heck of a slip-on shoe.

  • Price: $59+
  • Materials: Responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber
  • Notable Feature: Machine washable
Clarks Gorwin Step Slip-On

Clarks Gorwin Step Slip-On

Halfway between a loafer and a slide, the Gorwin Step Slip-On from Clarks truly gives the best of both worlds. That’s all thanks to a versatile kick-down heel that makes it fast and easy to transition from “perfectly presentable” to “maximum lounging.”

Nubuck leather uppers are classy and easy to clean (and quite durable as well), but the real trick here is in the overall design of the footbed and outsole: a breathable Ortholite footbed keeps things fresh, while custom molding ensures that these shoes will adjust to fit the exact shape of your feet.

  • Price: $90
  • Materials: Nubuck leather upper, EVA sole
  • Notable Feature: OrthoLite footbed

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