Bey-Berk Marble Cigar & Whiskey Glass Holder

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In a 1992 interview with Cigar Aficionado, JFK’s press secretary Pierre Salinger, recalled that one time the president gave him 24 hours to bring him 1,000 Cuban cigars. You see, he was about to sign a trade embargo with Cuba which would mean that the country’s products would no longer be permitted to enter the U.S. — including Jack’s cherished cigars. Salinger didn’t disappoint. The next day he proudly delivered 1,200 Petit Upmann’s to the 35th president, the embargo was signed, and Cuban tobacco is still an illegal commodity in 2022.

Despite all the hype of the Cuban cigars, there are a number of high-quality robust alternatives to indulge in, and Bay-Berk’s Cigar & Whisky Glass Holder provides the proper setup to enjoy this ultimate pairing. Made from genuine marble, the holder acts as both a coaster and ashtray so you can unwind after a long day in style.

Price: $121

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