BHC System S Sauna

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Every year around this time, a good majority of us in the Northern Hemisphere start to wonder if we’ll ever know warmth again. Has winter seeped so far into our bones and souls that cold is all we’ll ever feel? Extra layers of socks and space heaters can only do so much — what we really need is a sauna. A super cool sauna that comes fully assembled and with a giant double-paned window so you can look out on the snowy tundra and laugh. 

The BHC System S Sauna comes from Vancouver-based Backcountry Hut Company who specialize in prefab modernist structures that come to your recreational building site of choice in flat-packed boxes. System S is their latest design, and this one arrives fully constructed and ready to connect to your electrics. And since it’s small enough (just eight by ten) most cities/counties won’t require a permit. 

Inside, the walls are clad in sustainably sourced cedar which is also used for the two-tiered benches that seat a total of six. Heat comes from the included Tylö electric sauna heater and burly steel on the outside protects you from the elements. The sauna is currently available in Ontario and Quebec, but those a little farther south can grab one up this year for just over $30,000 USD as BHC starts making more of these necessary, core warming structures. 

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