BioLite BaseCharge 1500 Power Station

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Whether in an emergency or during a long weekend out camping, a reliable power source can make the difference between a safe and enjoyable experience and a miserable slog. And when it comes to heavy duty charging options, it doesn’t get much more reliable than BioLite’s BaseCharge 1500 Power Station.

Designed as a home-grade power source that’s portable enough to use anywhere, the BaseCharge 1500 can be charged from a wall outlet, car charging port, or through solar (like with the BioLite SolarPanel 100). And when fully charged, it has a max output of 1200 W—2400 W at surge capacity—that’s more than enough to power refrigerators, medical devices, power tools, or laptops. It’s a perfect way to prepare for the expected and unexpected alike, and thanks to its compact 25 pound design, you can easily take it with you wherever you might need it most.

Price: $1,699

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