Biomega Electric Vehicle

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Biomega first started making bicycles in 1998, in 2015 the Danish company introduced their first electric bike. Now the company known more for their innovative bikes is presenting the Biomega Electric Vehicle set to release somewhere between 2021 and 2023.

Designed with urban dwellers in mind, the Biomega EV SIN electric car promises to be sustainable and affordable by the time it hits production. Keeping with the tradition of Biomega’s bikes, the car’s name is an abbreviation of the city where the inspiration for the concept was born, Singapore. 

Convenience meets sustainable transportation with the Biomega SIN as the electric vehicle features four independent 15 kW motors to supply power to all four wheels when needed. This four door electric car has four seats in a Scandanavian-design themed interior. 


Overall the SIN EV weighs 950 kg, which is 2094 lbs, and features 82 hp to get where you need to go. Built with state of the art lightweight composite materials, the SIN is the first vehicle to ever feature modular carbon fiber. With a 20 kWh battery capacity, Biomega expects the SIN to have a range of 160 km, or 590 miles.

The Biomega EV is pushing innovation while simplifying design when it comes to electric vehicle convenience. Currently in development, the Biomega SIN promises to be a “sustainable solution to modern urban mobility.”

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