Black Rifle Coffee

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This is not Starbucks. Veteran-owned and unapologetically conservative, Black Rifle Coffee is gunning to be the premier caffeination option for the pro-2A community. They employ veterans and partner with veterans’ causes and give their coffee blends names like Silencer Smooth and Gunship, and call their K-cups “rounds”. They also happen to make a very good cup of coffee.

With a roast-to-order product line and a direct-from-the-farm importation system, you just don’t get much fresher beans (or grounds, your choice). Their Complete Mission Fuel Kit gives you a good idea of their range of roasts, with 4 full-sized, 12 ounce bags that include: AK-47 (espresso), Beyond Black (extra dark), Silencer Smooth (light), and Snipers’ Hide (lightest). After you work your way through the Complete Mission and decide you’re a fan, they’ve got a ton of gear to help show your pride. Order your own stash at Black Rifle Coffee Company.

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