Blackened American Whiskey

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If you know anything about Metallica, you know their music shreds.  For a long time, the band was known for their hard-partying ways, only befitting their metal cred.  However, the band members are now older, wiser, and half of them are notably sober, so it’s a little strange that they’ve chosen to launch their own whiskey.  The good news is they’re collaborating with renowned industry chemical engineer and master distiller Dave Pickerell to create their signature Blackened American Whiskey (so named for the song “Blackened” from the album …And Justice for All).
The drink is a blend of North American bourbons, ryes, and whiskeys poured into black brandy barrels and bombarded with low-frequency sound waves courtesy of amplification with Meyer Sound subwoofers.  Subjecting the liquid to what Pickerell calls “black noise” during aging is said to enhance molecular interaction and inform the finish of the whiskey.  The initial release is 5,000 bottles and each comes with access to an accompanying playlist to enhance your sipping pleasure. – Learn More

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