Blackwell Rum 007 60th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

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Everybody’s favorite British secret agent may be most famous for his exactitude in Martini orders, but have you ever wondered whether his drink preferences stop at gin?

Well we think that Blackwell Rum’s new 007 60th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is every bit as worthy of secret agent sips as the best-made Martini. And it’s courtesy of Chris Blackwell, a diehard James Bond fan who owns the villa where Ian Flemin first created the character of 007.

Blackwell is a fine and rich Jamaican rum, made in an older style—one that’s headier, punchier, and carries bolder tropical flavors than your typical mass-market rum. Two years of aging give it just enough caramel and spice flavor on the finish, while sweet and toasty vanilla carry through the entire sip.

Every bottle of this collector’s edition rum comes with a personalized signed note from Blackwell as well as a hand-numbered case featuring a scene from Dr. No, which makes it a perfect gift for the Bond superfan in your life.

Price: $700

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