Blea Electric Surfboard

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You are now free to surf Oahe. Not Oahu, Oahe. Lake Oahe in South Dakota is 1,100 miles from the Pacific, 1,200 from the Gulf and 1,300 from the Atlantic. Yet Blea Surf is making it — and any other landlocked lake — surfable with their two motorized electric surfboards. One, the Shark Performance will shoot you along at twenty miles per hour. The other, the Shark Sport, will rocket your unsuspecting body over the surface of any lake, sea, or ocean at a bracing thirty mph.

Both boards have quick change batteries that offer forty to seventy minutes of zip on the water and both are relatively lightweight, considering they’re packing engines within their shells (about sixty-six pounds for the Performance and fifty-nine for the Sport). Now that they’ve reached their funding goal on Kickstarter, mass production is underway and pre-orders are still open, with boards expected to deliver later this summer. – $6,600

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