BMW K100 Impuls K101 Motorcycle

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BMW enthusiasts rave about the German company’s cars and motorcycles all around the globe. From motorsports to luxurious cruising, BMW’s reputation is always backed by their performance. BMW’s innovative engineering stands the test of time just fine, but why not look for ways to improve a proven classic? That’s exactly what custom motorcycle builder Impuls did with a 1985 BMW K100 bike. 

The BMW K100 Impuls K101 is a masterpiece. This handcrafted motorcycle project looks good, there is no doubt about that. Modernizing a motorcycle that is 35 years old is not an easy task, but making it look this futuristic is a miracle. It is also a testament to the hard work and dedication of the perfectionists at Impuls.

First, an artist began modifying the bike’s structure through a 3D scan. The artist, Fabian Gatermann, brought the final polygon designs for parts such as the gas tank and seat to the Impuls team. Impuls began replicating the stylish designs by hand using real-life materials. The end result is a piece of art that happens to double as a sweet bike.

BMW K100 ImpulsI K101 Motorcycle

Besides frame modifications, the BMW K100 Impuls K101 also features custom forks, exhaust and more. The m-blaze disc turn signals by Motogadget are a nice modern touch. Even though Impuls did a lot of work on the K101, this bike is still street legal if you change the exhaust while adding a mirror and license plate. 

The final color scheme of this particular BMW K100 Impuls K101 is sharp. This is a special build that has a place in any motorcycle collection. Handbuilt in Munich, this puppy requires minimal supervision and is looking for the right owner.

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