Bollinger B1

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Your current electric vehicle selection, while getting wider, still seems to follow the same basic outline: sleek, low-profile, modern, fully automated. But what about those of us who might enjoy driving places not perfectly paved? Those who want to haul gear and get ground clearance higher than a speed bump? The B1 wants to be the EV for exactly those people.

Feeling like a cross between a Wrangler and an H3, this prototype, all-electric “Sport Utility Truck” looks like it wants to drive over smaller cars. And it just about has the power to do so. With dual front and rear motors, the B1 pumps out 360 horsepower and a top speed of 127 mph. Bollinger will offer 2 battery options: one gives you a 120 mile range and the other lets you go 200 miles on a charge. Intrigued? You can put in a “no obligation reservation” for one now. Learn more at Bollinger Motors.

Bollinger B1

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