Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard

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Commuting to your 9-5 isn’t something you typically associate with “fun.” No matter your mode, there’s a uniquely modern annoyance laying in wait for you each day, whether it’s traffic on the highway, an overcrowded train, or a bus that is perpetually ten minutes late. If ditching the rat race isn’t an option, maybe it’s time to consider ditching commuter vehicles and getting on your feet for your commute.

The 29.5” Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard is built for short trips or last mile transportation, with models offering a standard range of 7 miles and a top speed of 18 mph to an extended range of 14 miles and a max speed of 20 mph. With a 3:1 gear ratio, the belt drive puts more power at your feet than a Tour de France cyclist and lets you coast up hills with ease. The custom-designed Deep Dish deck wraps triaxial fiberglass around a poplar wood core and adds a protective top sheet and polymer sidewalls as reinforcement. The lunar 80mm wheels and precision machined trucks are built for the unique rigors of electric skateboards to provide the grip and strength you need when skating at speed. With three ride modes controlled by the intuitive Boosted remote, your short commute or is about to be super smooth and damn fun. – $749+

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