Bose Sport Open Earbuds

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If you like the idea of bone conduction listening because it leaves your ears free to monitor the world around you, but you just weren’t into the skull-vibration sensation, Bose has a new idea. The Sport Open Earbuds are designed to let your tunes motivate you while you train, run, or mountain bike without covering your ears. You can hear cars and other hazards, yes, but you can also appreciate the sounds of the world around you, great for hikes or runs in more natural surroundings.

Their proprietary OpenAudio technology channels the music towards your ear so you can hear your playlist but others can’t. As you’d expect from Bose, the sound is high-quality and precise, coming from two 16-millimeter drivers. The shape is designed to follow the shape of your ear, staying securely in place while remaining comfortable on long runs and hard workouts. 

Water-resistant construction means they can handle heavy sweat and a light rain without giving up on you and a full charge lasts up to eight hours. They’ll tether to your phone up to 30 feet away and can also handle voice assistant and phone call duty as needed. If you’d like your music to be a part of your workout, instead of the main focus, loop a pair of these over your ears and get going. 

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