Bose Frames Tempo Audio Sunglasses

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Aside from looking cool and seeming like something out of a sci-fi futurescape, audio sunglasses actually serve a purpose. And nowhere is that purpose more apparent than in sports. If you’re running in a city, biking down a trail, or training in a park, hearing what’s around you matters and earbuds can get in the way of fully hearing approaching cars or passing bikes. Also, if you’re already wearing sunglasses then that’s one less thing to stick on your head. 

Building on the success of their original Bose Frames, which were geared at the everyday wearer, the Bose Frames Tempo Audio Sunglasses are a streamlined, polarized version with a wraparound shape and improved sweat and splash-resistance. They’ve also tweaked the sound quality so it’s louder and deeper. The lightweight nylon frames are flexible and the custom spring hinges gently grip your head, striking a balance between staying put and feeling like they’ve disappeared. 

Bluetooth connection to your phone has a range of thirty feet, so your phone needs to come with you on a run or ride, but with an eight-hour battery life, you’ll run out of daylight before you run out of music. With the ability to swap out the lenses for different activities (a Trail Blue for mountain biking and trail running, Road Orange for road running and cycling, and a low-light option) the Tempos are aiming to be your new workout companion — one that always lets you pick the music. 

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