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Surely you’ve pondered the problem with beer — it just takes up too much darn space. A mouth-watering six-pack can mean the difference between choosing what leftovers you’re dooming to the compost pile versus what brews you’re gonna consume. BottleLoft has the solution for you—and we don’t mean the fermented kind.

The designers at BottleLoft have answered your prayers with their BottleLoft Magnetic Holders. This elegant solution is simple: Two 3M heavy-duty adhesive strips attach to the top of your refrigerator. Each of the strips has attached magnets that hold your beer like a champ: each magnetic strip can hold up to 3 beers a piece, withstanding 350% weight of a 12oz bottled beers each. In other words, it’s got quite the tolerance for alcohol.

Instead of choosing between letting your prize-winning hummus get dumped from your packed refrigerator, why not use BottleLoft’s Magnetic Holders? You’ll never have to choose between your prize-winning casserole or a tasty adult beverage again. – Buy It

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