Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce

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Partly due to tradition and partly in support of flavor (but also by law), oak barrels can be used to age bourbon exactly once. So what then happens to all of those barrels that still contain residue of that delicious, delicious substance? Bourbon Barrel Foods uses them to give their lineup of condiments, spices and extracts extra flavor and extra awesome.

They are known for their aged Bluegrass Soy Sauce but this Worcestershire sauce (say WUSS-ter-shur) is probably going to catch on too. It’s made from Kentucky limestone spring water and sweetened with sorghum. Aging it in bourbon barrels gives it a little extra oaky smokiness to complement the tang of the traditional sauce. This one is vegetarian as it doesn’t have anchovies and if you decide you really like the stuff, they sell it by the gallon too. – $7

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