Bowmore x Aston Martin ARC-52 Scotch Whisky

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While just about every guy will already be familiar with the legendary name of Aston Martin, fewer may know well about Bowmore scotch whisky. That’s a darned shame, too, as the attention to detail that Bowmore puts into every one of their immaculate drams is just as impressive as the luxury sports cars made by Aston Martin.

But with their new collaboration, you can experience the best of both design worlds wrapped up in one incredibly unique whisky. From the first look, you’ll recognize that this is no ordinary spirit: Its atypical bottle shape gives a hint to the balanced, directed, and fascinating whisky that lies inside. That’s the direct result of combining Aston Martin and Bowmore’s classic inspirations with a forward-thinking design ethos—and it’s all but guaranteed to become a sought-after collector’s item.

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