BPN x Roka GP-1x Sunglasses

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The athletes and engineers at Austin, Texas based Roka know a thing or two about what it’s like to train in extreme conditions—because under a Texas sun, you’re battling with everything from heat to humidity to blaring rays of light. Perhaps that’s why they’ve been able to put together some of the finest athlete-ready eyewear that we’ve ever seen.

This is on full display with the BPN x Roka GP-1x Sunglasses, a collaboration between Roka and Nick Bare of Bare Performance Nutrition. Laser etched with Nick’s motto, “Go One More”, on the lens, they’re a highly technical pair of racing glasses meant for full-sun conditions. So when you’re ready to put yourself through the wringer and test your mettle, you know you’ll be able to count on these glasses to keep the sun from getting you down.

Price: $265

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