Brabus Shadow 900 Black Ops Boat

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We don’t need to get into why one would need a 900 horsepower, 38-foot, blacked out superboat — need isn’t part of the equation. The Shadow 900 Black Ops Boat is the latest specimen to emerge from Brabus Marine, an alliance between Finnish boat builder Axopar and German automotive tuning company Brabus.

The super limited edition run (as in only 37 boats) comes in two models: The Spyder, an open air version, and the Sun-Top, basically the same boat but with a hardtop. The Sun-Top will run you about five grand more than the Spyder, but considering the blacked out paint job, the canopy seems like a wise upgrade. And when you’re dealing with something that costs $450k, what’s a few grand? 

That 900 horsepower is churned out from dual 4.6 liter, V8 four-stroke engines, propelling the five-ton vessel on a twin stepped hull to a top speed of 60 knots (69 miles per hour). It’s not the 220 max mph delivered by Brabus’s own Rocket 900 souped-up Mercedes, but then again, water has a touch more drag than air. 

Brabus Shadow 900 Black Ops Boat

To maintain that speed on the water, the engines will be drinking fuel faster than the passengers up top will be draining their champagne, so the Shadow 900 Black Ops has a 193-gallon fuel capacity. There’s room for ten friends on board and sleeping accommodations for two in the queen-sized v-berth in the front cabin. Optional upgrades include an aft cabin which would sleep two more, or a wet bar complete with electric grill and mini fridge. 

The helm is designed to feel like you’re driving a supercar — and with 900 horsepower and a $450,000 price tag, there are a lot of supercar elements here. Entirely hand-built and taking up to six weeks just for the gunmetal gray paint job alone, the Shadow 900 Black Ops is luxury taken to a stealthy, impressive new level.

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