Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

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When the weather starts to get that familiar chill in the air, perhaps you’re like us — perhaps you find yourself yearning for beer and spirits (and heck, gourmet dishes) that warm the soul and your spirit. That might sound like hyperbole, but if you’ve ever indulged in your favorite whiskey or a rich porter or stout on a particularly cold winter’s night, you know that hyperbole is in fact one-hundred percent accurate (to say the very least).

Such is the inspiration behind the lauded and much-loved Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, a truly rich and warming porter that’s perfect for holiday parties, Christmas gatherings and of course, long nights in front of a roaring fire. It’s the use of red Madagascar vanilla beans (some of the world’s best), blended with Munich and caramel malts for a complex, rich and ultimately, rewarding brew. Be prepared to keep this beer in heavy rotation this fall and winter.

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