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Taking a step into the future, the Netherlands based company BREKR introduces the Model B. The BREKR Model B is a cutting-edge electric motorcycle that combines the past with the future. With one quick peek at the BREKR Model B, the design seems simple, but take a closer look and you see how advanced this motorcycle truly is.

The Model B can hold up two removable batteries, a single battery allows you to travel 31-49 miles and a second battery doubles the range. These removable batteries can easily be charged anywhere, no need for any special charging stations.

The strong and lightweight aluminum frame is lighter than a scooter and weighs about 135 lbs without the battery. This bike has large wheels to ensure a smooth riding experience and the low center of gravity helps you maneuver easily on the road. The front suspension fork and unique rear suspension system help absorb any shocks caused by uneven road surfaces to ensure a comfortable ride.

Most electric vehicles don’t emit much sound when the motor is running, built with safety in mind, the Model B will have a sound that ensures you are noticed on the road. The BREKR comes with disc brakes and a hub-mounted motor without any belts or chains to maintain or replace.

To help keep a closer eye on your bike, the BREKR comes equipped with a GPS tracker and even has a mobile app to help you find your Model B or track the bike’s performance. Ordering the Model B won’t break the bank either, coming in at just under $4500. This may be one of the most affordable and practical electric vehicles available today.

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