Bremont Arrow Watch

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There’s often a choice to be made when it comes to collecting stylish watches — a choice between picking up a coveted, lauded watch and then keeping it in the box, or a choice between wearing said watch as much as you can.

Bremont recognizes that watch collectors and aficionados shouldn’t have to choose, hence stylish-yet-functional and field-ready watches like the Bremont Arrow Watch. The 42mm chronograph display offers functionality that an airman will appreciate, according to the brand, and yet it offers the sort of subtly stylish design that a watch enthusiast (maybe one with a proclivity for rugged tees and denim jackets) would appreciate and actually wear.

It’s a rare combination of two fields that often compete with each other, but when you invest in this watch, you don’t have to pick one or the other — again, the Bremont Arrow Watch delivers on style and functionality in spades. – Shop Now