BrewDog Craft Beer

Brew Dog Craft Beer

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Founded in 2007 and Based out of the UK, Brew Dog was created out of a love for craft beer and a need for something better than the commercially-driven lagers and ales that have controlled the beer market for so long. Their mission is simple. They aim to “make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are, by brewing world-class craft beer that will blow your mind.” It appears that they have obtained that goal.

In 2010, their limited edition “Sink the Bismark” succeeded in reclaiming the title of the World’s Strongest Beer, with a 41% A.B.V. Although their current stock of lagers and ales are nowhere near that strong, with names like Dead Pony Club, Hardcore IPA, and Punk IPA, you can’t help but wander what you’re missing. One thing is for sure. Brew Dog knows how to create strong, unique, and satisfying craft beer wrapped in bad-ass packaging that will make you wonder why you ever abused your taste buds with mainstream, ultra-light beer.


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