BrewDog Slot Machine

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You change your style when the weather turns, and you should change up your beer too. While fall doesn’t quite warrant the bone warming brew of stout, you do need something to replace those bright, hoppy IPAs and easy going pilsners of summer. BrewDog has just the thing. It’s their final seasonal offering for 2017 and they’re calling it Slot Machine.

In this red rye IPA, the Scots got a little fancy with the hops. The bitter hop Magnum is added up front, then Amarillo goes in for citrus aromas, and classic noble hop Callista brings the fruit. This amalgam gets balanced out by a 3-malt brew that imparts mellow caramel and toffee. Then a generous dose of rye lends a spicy depth of autumn, resulting in something we want to drink. Right. Now. Stateside, look for Slot Machine at their Columbus taproom, DogTap. Order now at BrewDog.

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