Brilliant Smart Home Control

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This is the way tech goes: It makes things easier, then makes them complicated again. Like how Netflix was an easy way to rewatch Unforgiven but now the number and varieties of streaming services requires a flow chart to understand. Brilliant is a California-based company specifically founded with the goal of simplifying the smart home. By installing a control panel on your wall (or, more likely, multiple panels throughout the house) where the light switches once were, you can wrangle the nest of smart devices controlling your home. 

Lights, music, doorbells, and thermostats all report to and are controlled by the Brilliant Smart panels via the touch display or your voice, thanks to built-in Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Each panel is equipped with a mic and privacy-shutter camera to turn Brilliant panels into whole-house intercoms. It pairs with a slew of smart devices and systems including Ring, Nest, Sonos, and Philips Hue. It’s meant to be easy enough that anyone who can reach it can use it and installation is fast and something most people can do themselves — meaning simplicity is close at hand.

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