Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe

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The digital shelves of noted E-commerce site Huckberry are always packed (figuratively speaking) with cool, innovative, uniquely durable products. The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe is all three, as it were — and the next time you reach for a cup of your favorite coffee at home on the weekend, make sure you use the Bripe.

This portable coffee device turns around a great cup of coffee in just minutes, even when you find yourself off the beaten path. All you need to do — other than add your favorite coffee — is add water and heat it up using the quad jet burner torch (included in the kit, as it were). It’s that simple, and for just under $60, that’s a deal to be applauded.

The stainless steel filter is also durable and handy, ready to use time and time again. It’s the little things that matter when you’re on the go, and being able to bring along your favorite cup of coffee is among those — at least, that’s how we feel. – $60

Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe

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