BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle

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Blackstone Tek (BST) is the world’s premium carbon fiber motorcycle product manufacturer. Their precision engineering and aerospace carbon technology combine with their passion for the craft to keep pushing the boundaries of carbon fiber innovation. The introduction of their BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle is only bolstered by the project’s lead designer, Pierre Terblanche. Pierre is a well-known designer who was formerly the Director of Design for Ducati.

Innovative design defines the BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle. This electric motorbike features a “high power-density” radial flux motor producing 80 kw with 120 Newton-meters of torque. That translates to 107 mechanical horsepower with 88.5 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers are quite impressive from this electric DHX Hawk water-cooled PMS motor.

Once you realize how lightweight the BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle is, you begin to see what this machine is truly capable of. Weighing in at 205kg (452 pounds), the BST HyperTEK is definitely a lightweight electric motorcycle. The BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle features plenty of carbon fiber parts including the frame itself.


With a range of 300 km (186 miles), the BST HyperTEK has enough juice to get around town and then some. Should you need emergency range on short notice, the BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle features a convenient 30 minute DC quick charge option. 

Additional features include instrumentation integration in a Heads Up Display helmet by Cross of Japan. The BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle even features a built-in sound generator to give it a more “traditional” growl. Riders will even be able to rev the bike up when using the clutch. 

The new BST HyperTEK Electric Motorcycle boasts many more advanced and innovative features. There is no doubt the BST HyperTEK pushes the future of motorcycles into a new frontier.

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