Buck Mason Fast Times Collection

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Buck Mason, to us, has long embodied so much more than a clothing brand — with a focus on eternally great-looking styles (from polos to denim and moto jackets), not to mention exacting design and production standards, it’s really a way of life. That is to say, you wear Buck Mason clothes, and your life has the potential to be a whole lot more stylish — and adventurous. Take, for instance, the Buck Mason Fast Times Collection, a new month-long venture from the brand that likely makes your favorite T-shirt and denim.

The Fast Times Collection kicks off in earnest with a “Cars and Coffee” event in Los Angeles, followed in short order by the chance to buy — yes, BUY — a super-sharp 1970 Alfa Romeo (online for $200K, naturally). Even better, you can do it all while wearing the newly iconic, ultra-classic Fast Times Collection, featuring expertly cut denim shirts and washed-out hoodies & jeans. Don’t forget the Fast Times Tee, a new graphic tee (the brand’s first-ever) made from premium loop cotton.

Want to go a step further? Reference the library through which the Fast Times Collection draws inspiration, and keep track of it all with the stunning Mulholland Explorer Wristwatch (also part of the collection). It’s a top-to-bottom, full lifestyle approach from a brand we love, and we think you’ll feel just as enthusiastic about it.

Buck Mason Fast Times Collection
Buck Mason Fast Times Collection
Buck Mason Fast Times Leather Jacket

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