Bud Light Next

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Beer: It’s quite possibly mankind’s most important invention, yet also manages to be the bane of every dude’s waistline at one point or another.

The corpulent-making culprit here seems to be the carbohydrates that make everyone’s favorite “liquid bread” so delicious. That’s always the tradeoff—you can have heavy, tasty, malty and hoppy beer bombs so long as you’re fine having a whopping serving of calories and carbs alongside them.

For an alternative, perhaps it’s time to try Bud Light Next. The brand says that this innovative zero carb, 80 calorie beer has been over 10 years in the making—and even more cryptically, that they can’t reveal what “scientific and technological advances” make it possible to have a beer made from grains that also doesn’t have carbohydrates. Magic? Maybe. But at the very least, we know that Bud Light’s Next is as light as beer can come, and that’s an awfully nice option to have once your pants start fitting a little too tight for comfort.

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