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Bug-Out Bag 4.0

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A bug-out bag is an emergency kit outfitted with items that are essential to survive for up to seventy-two hours after evacuating, or “bugging-out” from a manmade or natural disaster. If you possess neither the time or know-how to curate your own bug-out bag, then consider the Bug-Out Bag 4.0 ($670) as a viable solution for your survival needs.

The Bug-Out Bag 4.0 consists of a large-capacity, 5,200 cubic-inch Teton Fox backpack outfitted with the survival gear needed for a single person to survive on their own for three days including the necessary bug-out apparel, communication, hygiene, and first aid equipment, water storage and filtration systems, meal replacements, an assortment of bug-out bag knives, multi-tools, and self defense equipment, headlamps and flashlights, three different fire starting methods, and an assortment of other essential bug-out supplies.

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