Bull & Stash Leather Notebooks

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Bull & Stash bills itself as “your last notebook ever”, and one look at the brand’s high-quality goods certainly seems to convey that much. Whereas some brands branch out into multiple, sometimes convoluted accessory lines, Bull & Stash keep things simple — and they certainly do a great job of it.

What started as a simple idea has blossomed into a full-fledged movement that’s about more than the product the brand puts forth — although that’s pretty stellar, too. Bull & Stash makes two leather-bound notebooks, both refillable, both exceptionally handsome and rugged, and both built for whatever adventures you might have in front of you.

From the larger 5.5-inch x 8.75-inch Stash Notebook to the pocket-sized Travel Stash Notebook, each design is dreamed up and made in the U.S.A. That goes for the thick, oiled leather binder — hand-finished in northern Italy — to the sturdy metal hardware (comprising American-made Chicago screws). And within the binding itself, you’ll find paper that’s made with durability and resilience in mind. As the brand says, the paper “absorbs your ideas and brings your creations to life.”
It’s a simple adage that’s gotten lost in a time where so many are focused on their smartphones — particularly for exploration and travel purposes. Gone are the days where a traveler could venture out only with the gear they needed, a camera and a durable notebook (yes, one of these would do well). Yet, Bull & Stash is making products that get a little closer to those bygone roots — and they’re doing it handsomely and stylishly.

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