Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow

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Fourteen hour flights are good for two things, magically getting you from Hartsfield–Jackson to Tokyo Narita Airport in under a day, and the possibility of enjoying a bit of sleep. Stuffing your jacket around your neck is better than nothing, but this inventive item is far better than that. The BR2 is the updated brainchild of Bullbird, who launched their first travel pillow via Kickstarter in 2015, and since then have taken advice, suggestions (and the occasional complaint) to make their latest pillow the best possible thing you can take with you on a flight.

Engineered to support your skull and align your neck, the pillow is carry-on ready and comes with a strap system to keep it from getting away from you when you use it. There’s also a stuff sack and carabiner to attach it to your pack. Made from tri-blend memory foam, moisture-wicking cover, and suspension frame, it works perfectly with your economy seat (and will make you feel like you sprung for business class).

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