Bulleit Limited-Edition Blender’s Select

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What better way to end a long day or celebrate a special occasion than with a special pour of your favorite whiskey, right? Best enjoyed in an Old Fashioned or sipped on the rocks, Bulleit has done a fantastic job of delivering a whiskey that works for those occasions, and then some.

Bulleit whiskey is made with an exceedingly high level of care and quality, and it seems that the distillery continues to challenge itself to go above and beyond. Whiskey drinkers, after all, can tell the nuances that go into making a good whiskey into a great whiskey — that’s where the Bullet Limited-Edition Blender’s Select comes into play (and finds its spot in your home bar cart, no less).

This new whiskey is actually, well, an old whiskey in a way — it uses three of the 10 distillates normally used by Bulleit, and the result is a seriously high-quality whiskey made for enjoying as often as you like (special occasion not needed). If that sounds great to you, then let’s raise a glass.

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