Bulleit Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit

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Flying without a cocktail kit? We hate to break it to you, but you’re doing it wrong. Not to worry, though. Bulleit and W&P Design are here to help.

The Old Fashioned Carry-on Cocktail Kit is the marriage of Bulleit’s classic Kentucky whiskey and W&P’s innovative approach to food and beverage design. Each kit is contained within a travel-friendly carry-on tin and includes a recipe card, a muddler, aromatic bitters, cane sugar, and a linen coaster. Add your own Bulliet whiskey to a gift shop glass, and you have everything you need to mix up two drinks and tune out even the most annoying of seatmates. The portable kit takes up insignificant space in your carry-on while providing significant relief from the challenges unique to being a first-class man in a coach world. – $24

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