Burnside Bike Rack Shelf

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When something works, like heavy-duty hooks to store your bikes on the garage wall, you don’t tend to mess with perfection.  Thankfully, the innovators at Loma Living defied convention to create the revolutionary Burnside Bike Rack Shelf.  I don’t want to say it reinvents the wheel, but it’s alarmingly clever, eliciting a facepalm moment from anyone who’s struggled to heft a bike and hook the tire.

This space saver requires only that you settle the top tube on the sturdy shelf, fitting it into a groove for secure storage.  While the shelf is relatively low-profile, it extends far enough to allow room for handlebars, so you don’t have to contend with the front wheel turning out.  The end result is more efficient use of vertical storage space, as the body of the bike rests flush against the wall.  Pure genius. – Shop Now

Burnside Bike Rack Shelf

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