Buzzraw E1000 Electric Bike

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As ebikes gain popularity, so, too, do strong opinions about ebikes. Pop into the nearest coffee shop and say ‘ebike’ just above a whisper, and an argument between two men wearing tweed will erupt, ending only when one of them un-ironically declares “good day, sir,” as he exits. You could join the fray if you’re into that sort of thing, or you could hop on your Buzzraw E1000 Bicycle and beat a hasty yet preferable retreat.

The E1000 is the newest offering from Buzzraw, offering both throttle and pedal-assist modes with a 1,000-watt mid-drive motor paired with an SRAM X4 eight-speed drivetrain. Oversized tires and a large double seat complement the mini-bike style frame, completing an illusion so compelling that the pedals seem unexpected by comparison. The E1000 looks to the world like the mini-bike of your childhood and calls back memories of racing through wooded trails and, occasionally, through construction sites that you’d been explicitly warned not to ride through again. (This is not an admission of guilt.) By the look of it, the stealth black Buzzraw E1000 can handle the same terrains that you explored in your youth. Or, at least, the legal ones. – $3,281

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