Cake Ösa Lite Electric Motorcycle

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Cake is a Swedish company creating light electric off-road motorbikes for consumers to enjoy. The products Cake produces presents consumers with noise and fume-free vehicles. Their latest creation is an electric and modular utility moped boasting off-road capabilities. 

Cake offers their Ösa Lite Electric Motorcycle with two separate battery configurations. Lean offers 1.5 kWh and Long offers 2.5 kWh of battery power. Reaching a top speed of 30 mph, the Cake Ösa Lite Electric Motorcycle features best-in-class power density. 

The Ösa Lite Electric Motorcycle’s battery regenerates while braking thanks to the innovative Energy Regeneration technology Cake uses. While the range depends on many factors, the Lean battery offers about 41 miles of range with mixed city riding. The Long battery with mixed city riding offers about 68 miles of range.


Cake offers three different ride modes for the Ösa Lite. Operators can switch between Extended Range, Maximum Power or Balanced Performance. The general weight of the bike without the battery is 143 pounds. Lean adds an additional 26 pounds and Long adds 37 pounds.

The Cake Ösa Lite Electric Motorcycle starts at $6,500 with a Lean battery. Final pricing depends on battery size and equipment added. Interested buyers must provide a deposit of $200 upon ordering, with the remaining amount due upon shipment. Cake offers free shipping worldwide.

Deliveries for the Cake Ösa Lite Electric Motorcycle start going out in March of 2020. Visit the Cake website to begin building your Cake Ösa Lite Electric Motorcycle today.

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