CasiMods Customized Casio Watches

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At a point not too far back in history, every major city had a watch repair shop. But as the wristwatch became less of a wardrobe staple and our tastes turned towards disposable and replaceable fashion, it has quickly become harder and harder to find someone who knows how to take apart a watch—much less put it back together again.

CasiMods Custom Casio Watches

That’s a big part of what makes CasiMods such a cool project. It’s the brainchild of California-based brand consultant Benson C., who lives the double life of a digital creative during the day and a watch customizing superhero by night. With a focus on digital watch modding with a big, bold aesthetic, he’s just getting started with making some of the most distinctive watches you’ll ever have the chance to wear. Every single watch is custom made to order, so send him an email to get one of your own—and keep an eye out for his upcoming Build-Your-Own mod kits, too.

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