Casusgrill Biodegradable Grill

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Aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, brick. For most of us, these are the materials we expect to see in a grill. Cardboard and bamboo? Not so much. But a few Danes are ready to change your mind with their single-use portable grill made from exactly those two unexpected (and decidedly flammable) materials. The key is the lava stone lining the cardboard and holding the bamboo charcoal briquettes. They keep the flame and paper nicely separated so you can cook what needs cooking.

After lighting the briquettes, the Casusgrill reaches grilling temperatures within five minutes and will keep cooking for more than sixty. The grill grate itself is made from bamboo sticks (which burn far slower than your bratwurst) and once you’re done grilling, tossing the whole shebang in a campfire will reduce it down to ash and lava stone, leaving you with minimal clean up. It only weighs 2.2 pounds and comes in an envelope — one that might as well be stamped “break open in case of grilling emergency.” – Shop Now

Casusgrill Portable Grill

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