CBD Pain Relief Balm

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Now that hemp production is once again legal in the US (thanks to the recently passed Farm Bill) CBD is about to get real big. People who were once reluctant to try it because of its murky legal status are now poised to discover the benefits of a pain-relieving, anxiety-alleviating, arthritis-stomping (and non-psychoactive) compound derived from hemp.

This grab-and-go balm from Vital Therapeutics is the perfect entry point. In addition to the benefits of CBD, this rub-on stick also brings on the power of arnica, an herb known for its effectiveness against pain and swelling. There’s even some menthol in there for that cooling effect, plus a suite of other herbs all working together with the CBD to make sore muscles, aches, and pains leave you the hell alone. РShop Now

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Black Friday Sales