Chef IQ Smart Pressure Cooker

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We can divide modern cooking history into two eras: pre-Instant Pot and post-Instant Pot. People who believed that reading a take-out menu was the closest they’d ever get to reading a recipe were suddenly making their own pulled chicken and swearing by the consistency of their cooked-from-scratch beans. Now there’s a new countertop appliance on the scene that’s taking the no-brainer, high-pressure, multi-function cooker approach and folding in some IoT interactivity. 

The Chef iQ Smart Pressure Cooker is built around the companion app. Pick the recipe you want to cook tonight from the continuously growing catalogue and it’ll tell you what to buy from the store, and show you videos on how to prep everything and cook it in the pot as though you were some sort of master chef. If you don’t want to go the recipe route, the Chef iQ has 300 presets you can access from the touchscreen so you can tell it what you’re cooking and it’ll suggest the best settings. 

The built-in kitchen scale will help you weigh out your ingredients, which can be a little more accurate than volumetric measurements, and the automatic pressure release will make sure your sweet potato curry doesn’t get mushy if you’re not in the room to twist open the release valve. The cooking-averse among us need all the help we can get and the Chef iQ means maybe a couple nights a week, we can give our GrubHub driver a break.

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