CineSkates System for GorillaPod

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Proper camera movement can mean the difference between an amateur home movie or a visual masterpiece. It can also literally make or break a video’s chances of going viral. One way to ensure fluid camera movement during filming is with the CineSkates System for GorillaPod ($100).

This former Kickstarter project adds wheels with high-performance bearings to the popular and very capable GorillaPod Focus TriPod, allowing a budding filmmaker to easily capture rotating shots, sliding shots, time-lapse shots, and smooth rolling pans across a wide area. The CineSkates system is also modular by design, allowing for quickly and efficiently attaching and removing an assortment of available attachments.

CineSkates System For GorillaPod

CineSkates System for GorillaPod

CineSkates System for GorillaPod

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