Classic Ford Broncos Aspen

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In a time when every new truck looks like every other new truck, you might long for something more unique. When you see the lines, the build, the carriage, everyone and their brother’s mother goes, “That’s a Bronco.” Columbus, Ohio bespoke custom shop, Classic Ford Broncos takes old, down on their luck Broncos from the late 60s through 70s and gives them serious love — new panels, new engines and transmissions, beefy new tires and brakes, new electrical, and a fully deluxe interior treatment. When they’re done, it looks like a Bronco, it sounds like a Bronco, but it drives like a 2018 truck fresh off the lot.

The blacker than black Aspen is on offer now for anyone interested (and who has 250k singles stuffed in their mattress). What began life as a 1971 model, now has a whole new engine — a Coyote 5.0 that fires up instantly, consistently, and doesn’t top-out screaming at 60 mph. The interior is a delicious Whiskey Spice leather and this Bronco, like all their trucks, isn’t interested in being trailered and lapped around a car show, it’s built to be driven. – $250,000

Classic Ford Broncos Aspen

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