Colchester Rubber Co. 1892 National Treasure High Top

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Like many guys, some of our fondest footwear memories come from our first pair of Chuck Taylors. They felt like an instant ticket to looking and feeling cool, we wore them with every outfit imaginable, long past when their soles were almost non-existent.

In fact, if we had to nominate just one shoe as the most casual-cool in history, it would definitely be the classic black and white pair of Chucks. The only problem? We’ve grown up, but Chucks have stayed exactly the same — including their back-breaking lack of support.

The solution? Colchester Rubber Co.’s National Treasure High Tops. They’re like our favorite shoes grew up and started wearing chinos and button-downs, sporting a higher-quality build with a built-in arch and cushioned insoles. Even though they’re modeled after the first basketball sneakers ever invented, they look as fresh and modern as a casual and sporty shoe can get.

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Black Friday Sales