ConnectSense Smart Outlet²

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These days, everything about your home needs to be as plugged in, connected and well-thought out as the rest of your life — it’s beyond menswear and home goods at this point, and the tech in your home is every bit as crucial to the well-rounded man. That might sound like quite the big leap to make if you’re not the most tech-savvy, but there are simple, affordable and functional ways to make the leap — like the ConnectSense Smart Outlet2.

It’s a simple and sharp way to monitor the power usage in your home, all the more critical to keep things under control during months where your energy usage might soar. It connects with everything from Google Assistant to Amazon’s ever-present Alexa, and lets you control your home appliances simply through the power of your voice.

In short and as the brand says, it turns everyday appliances into smart appliances. It does all of this in one compact package, and starts at under $60 — that’s a winning way to upgrade your tech knowledge in a hurry. – Shop Now

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