Converse Custom Chuck 70 By You

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The beauty of the Converse Chuck Taylor silhouette has got to be the fact that it’s so iconic, so versatile, so easy to wear … and yet, you can make it entirely your own. Whether that’s the way it’s been styled by rock stars over the years or modeled in the present-day by fashion’s top impresarios, it seems to take on new life with each passing year. And if you want to feel like a style icon in your own right, we’ve got just the ticket — the Converse Custom Chuck 70 By You are sure to become your new favorite pair of sneakers, given the cool tricks and updates you can make to this classic pair of kicks.

Think of these sneakers as a blank canvas, available to amp up with bright colors, stripes and, as the brand says, retro colors. As if your Converse Chuck 70s weren’t cool enough to begin with, your own updates are going to let you leave your mark — in a stylish way — each time you step into these sneakers.

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