Coopers’ Craft Barrel Reserve 100 Proof

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As you know (either from your brain or from our latest Whiskey 101 post) all bourbon must be aged in new charred oak barrels. Without that aging, your whiskey would be hot, bland, and clear. So the barrels are important. Cooper’s Craft Bourbon is named for the very people who raise barrels (coopers) and is made by the only major distiller in the US who owns its own cooperage. The brand was launched a few years ago and with their newest release, the bottles will be finding their way into four new markets (once only found in eight southern states, now Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Virginia will be added to the mix).

Their Barrel Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon was aged in barrels specifically made for the task with a “chiseled and charred” interior meant to increase contact with the wood. Bottled at 100 proof, the flavor has smoke and oak notes, layered with cinnamon spice and hints of apple and clove.

If you’ve got a yearning to see people making something pretty much the same way they did back in the 19th century, the label on the back of the bottle invites you to tour Brown-Forman’s cooperage, which hopefully includes a taste of the good stuff at the end. – Learn More

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